I'd like to stay as long as possible.

I forgot just how clever you can be.

Life is merely a hospital where patients are possessed with the desire to change beds.

This may be your last chance.

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How many hats do you own?


Marlena was acting strange.

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They are inquiring into the matter.

I'll ask Carlo out.

Anyone could see that.

We have a cat and a dog.

What will you do with the furniture you bought in Japan when you go back to Germany?

He opened a bottle of whiskey at his home yesterday.

They're always careful.


Lois plans to return to Boston by bus.


My father is to arrive in Honolulu at 4:30 p.m.


If it were not for your advice I would fail.


The smoke alarm has never been maintained.

I need to talk to you.

Somebody else might get hurt.


It takes 285 Earth years for Haumea to make one trip around the Sun.

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You've told me that already.


Maria said to herself, "I am very lucky."

Those who have never thought about the value of life should not study medicine.

I could kick myself for not inviting Nate and Torsten to my party.


You probably don't like her.

Give me a cup of coffee.

Richard needs our advice.

He is the only friend I can really trust.

Forget what I just told you.

The tape having been replayed, the referee conceded that the ball had crossed the line.

I'm going to work during the spring vacation.

He almost drowned in the river.

He looks very vigorous, considering his age.

Dan left his daughter Linda with Matt.

Both girls wear white suits.

"The Jucklins" is an 1896 novel by Opie Read. It was a bestseller at that time.

Nobody wants you to do that.


I consume sugar.

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Rajiv asked me if I liked Linley.


Danielle didn't go into detail.

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Terrance told me why he didn't like Wendi.


you can sit on the armchair when you like each side of your arms has a support

I heard someone screaming.

I'm so glad you're here, Socorrito.

He is rich, what is more, he is well-bred.

I saw the person I was expecting standing there.


The experiment succeeded.

I only bring you tea alone.

Put that knife down. You're making me nervous.

I saw her try to kiss you.

I'm from Tokyo, Japan.


How did they know?

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You're lost, aren't you?

I need ice.

The two brothers embraced warmly.

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They met on the beach.


Who was Abraham?

Who is younger, he or I?

I don't know how he can live in this mess.


That's a whole different story.

Indeed, in some parts of the world we can see the effects already.

He took the express for Tokyo.

I'll be ready in a jiffy.

I'm tired of your everlasting grumbles.

The size of the elephant astonished the little boy.

Vincent is a florist.

I don't know for certain when he'll come back.

The more you know him, the more you like him.

You looked up, didn't you?

The office for disease control reported a 10 percent spread.

After the concert, I went out to eat with Irwin.

I'm here to play baseball.


This article contains some genuinely new ideas.

Gil said he wasn't sure what to do.

They're lucky to be alive.

I'll be good to you.

This piece of information is very important to us.

I'd better tell them.

They needed a doctor.


I know! Let me just say that Keiko is my SECOND cousin!

Use your fist.

You'd better be very careful.

What do you think I should pack for my trip?

Mind your step.


I did it while I was drunk.


I go to the library from time to time.

That was very lucky.

He isn't like his brother.

I have a delivery for her.

I played along.

I don't care who Francisco gives this to.

I was there with her.


However, it is good if one can speak English well.


He isn't perfect.


Just tell him not to worry.

Vance didn't pay anything.

You sing in the choir, don't you?

You aren't Japanese.

They call him Jim.

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I'm writing to the guy.

I'll be in Morocco for the next seven years.

What time does the first game start?

Stewart will be proud of you.

We went to Hawaii last year for the first time.

Emily wants to be an electrician.

The singular case tonight hastens our union. You are mine! I've already told you and sworn it many times, now we will not say nor swear it anymore, now it must be so!

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Pandora always said that.


The way the question is phrased can influence the answer.


He is as grave as a judge.

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My evolved Time Ark will increase your abilities.

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I enjoy spending time with her.


This I have done.

Linda has been accused of cheating.

He is richer than anyone else in this town.


I'm not lost. I'm just not sure where I am.

He pissed away his inheritance on booze and loose women.

Are you going to take part in the English speech contest?

Please estimate your best price and the earliest delivery date.

I was engaged once.

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There is no disputing about tastes.

These taxes raised the prices on all goods.

All the students of the university have access to the university library.


Many Esperanto speakers live in Hungary.

He had the luck to catch the train.

Now, Alexander can translate in Spanish.

The more we live, the more we want to live.

This paragraph is well written, but there is a mistake in the last sentence.

Peter talks with Christopher every day.

It was hard to believe.

Just find them.

I want to be your friend.


Could you send me more details by email?


Good speech will break the bones of a ghost.


Where did you bring them up?

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The koala is an animal peculiar to Australia.

We should be there with them.

She waved her hand to me.

They all started laughing at Mark.

I go to church every day.


They keep lambs for meat in Arabia.

I feel uneasy in my father's presence.

Zaragoza is a Spanish town.

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Cristopher usually accomplishes whatever he tries to do.


The group is running on the beach.

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Many of them were bitter.

You can't buy that.

I'll look into it.

What time shall I come?

Of the three boys, the youngest is the most attractive.

Rainer wanted Mohammad to help.

I'm afraid I've contracted a venereal disease.

This is my comment.

Toufic and Milner are blood relatives.